Famous Movies with Mitsubishis in Them

Famous Movies with Mitsubishis in Them
Famous Movies with Mitsubishis in Them

Who doesn’t love spending an evening watching a great movie? If you want to combine your love of movies with your love of cars, here are six fun-to-watch movies with Mitsubishis.

  1. Thunderbolt. This 1995 movie stars Jackie Chan as a driver who has to beat a criminal street racer to save his sister. He drives both a 3000 GT and a Lancer Evolution III.
  2. Wheels on Meals. This 1984 Hong Kong comedy features cousins played by Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao with a mobile restaurant in the form of a 1979 L300 van. They have to team up with a detective friend to save a pickpocket named Sylvia.
  3. The Fast and the Furious. The first installment of this high-speed franchise came out in 2001. An Eclipse Coupe was one of the main cars in the film.
  4. 2 Fast 2 Furious. In part two of this franchise, released in 2003, two of the main cars are a Lancer Evolution VII and an Eclipse Spyder.
  5. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. In 2006, we got yet another one of these movies. This one prominently features a Lancer Evolution VIII.
  6. Police Story 2. Yet another Jackie Chan film for this list. In this one, a 1983 Colt is used in multiple scenes.

It’s clear that Mitsubishis are meant for the big screen—and your driveway. To star in your own Mitsubishi adventure, pay a visit to Dependable Mitsubishi.

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